May 26, 2011

did you see?

There has been so much goodness around the blogosphere lately. Did you see Jenny's diy sputnick chandelier?

She's pretty much a genius! One day I hope we can be bff!

Kirsten did a brilliant post about being a better designer


Nicole made such a cute printable for us!


  • I'm looking forward to John and Sherry's art reveal.
  • Loved Caitlin's apartment inspiration. I think coral is universally flattering to wear, why not to decorate? I'm also excited for her to be in the states.
  • I really want to make one of these when I get a new desk
What have you seen lately?


  1. I love the teal built-ins! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention. I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)


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