May 9, 2011

my new notebook

If you know me at all you know that I always have a pen, a pencil and a notebook with me.  In my notebook I make lists, write ideas, keep measurements and dream up floor plan upon floor plan. It drives my husband crazy I think! Only because I can never just sit down and watch a movie. I'm always there note taking.

For ten years I have been obsessed with home decor. TV shows, magazines and blogs {oh the blogs!} I have wanted to add my own blog to the mix for a long time now but never felt like it was the right time or circumstance for me. The time has come and although I'm not quite sure what my little blog can add to such an amazing world of inspiring designers I would like to give it my very best.

Join me and I will show you my home, my favorite things, decorators and designers I admire, before and afters and current projects I am working on. I cannot wait to share my decorating notebook with all of you! Welcome to Noted Home!

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