June 17, 2011

purple haze

I am working on a few rooms for a client who wants to incorporate purple into her colors to go with tones in her slate tile. Finding good purple fabric has been an exciting challege. There are a lot of bad purple fabrics out there! We are narrowing down our favorite five right now for curtains. Yay for progress!

This was my pick:
Purple, magenta, green, blue! What's not to love? She did not love it!

This is my new favorite. I guess everything happens for a reason because I love this one!
Once we pick the fabric I will post the mood board for the project. So fun! 

I had never really considered purple for myself. But look out husband I feel a purple, white and gray master bedroom coming on! He's afraid...

Here is my favorite inspiration shot 
{genevieve gorder}

I'm so excited about this project. Cannot wait to show you little things along the way.

Up next week...I will post a few projects of my little girl's room and also have the big reveal. I'm posting this now so that I will be held accountable! Next week should be gooooood.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Well now how could she not like that first fabric?!? Good news is, the second fabric is fabulous, too - win/win!

  2. Right!? I was bummed for at least an hour! But, you're right...win/win!


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