August 3, 2011

did you take home ec?

Have you seen babble's new blog? The New Home Ec is fabulous already! I am really excited for this one. They have amazing contributors including Jenny, Susan, Amy and Natalie

My mom can sew but never taught me. I now can sew a little but I get really intimidated by it. I hope I can teach my kids all the things I wish I could do or do a little better. I'm looking forward to daily reminders and perspective. To keep things real, I've never cleaned very well, done laundry very well or included my kids in cleaning things other than their rooms very well. But, I am getting better. My house looks pretty good most days {especially downstairs} and the laundry gets done too. Although today will be a folding marathon because I have been playing with family in town instead of folding. But, I want to either enjoy it a little more or get a better system. I love crafts and diy. I'd love to improve upon my skills and teach my kids along with me. If all else fails I will send them to sewing class! 

I think the main thing is to not get down about what others can do that you cannot do. Figure out what you want and go after it. I am starting to know my limits and am getting realistic with my time. I also know that by going after some of my passions I will be a better mother, wife and homemaker. Plus, I think it's important to teach my children every little thing I can. Here's hoping they don't hate the process!

Things I want to do now soon!
make a wreath
sew amazing pillows with piping and zippers 
build a laundry basket system
stick to my clean routine
make every day a little more beautiful
 enjoy the process

I will keep you posted but in the meantime check out The New Home Ec!

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