August 1, 2011

weekend cleaning

Through 8 years of marriage one or both of us has always worked Saturdays, until the last 5 months that is. Now we are grown ups with paid vacation and weekends off! But, we still hardly know what to do with ourselves for those two lovely days off. I need to make some kind of Saturday bucket list!

Well this weekend we decided to clean our beloved garage. And then our kitchen inside and out. Always a pleasant outcome after the blood, sweat and tears {no blood, but my daughter did have a very dramatic paper cut}. Let's just say my husband does not always appreciate my many cans of paint and supplies. And craft stockpile in it's former glory. Time to 86 a lot of that. In the meantime it's organized and the husband said every month or so he would pick something to throw away in the meantime. So if you like twine, tags and cotton fabric you might want to come over and grab it before it's gone! Plus, there are a few extra pieces of furniture that he's not thrilled about either. He loves me and the outcome, so lucky for me he puts up with the process. 

Next weekend we will have to try something a little more exciting for the kiddos. And maybe a little furniture painting! Hope you had a good weekend!

1 comment:

  1. We did some serious cleaning and organizing this weekend hubby had a rare Saturday off so I quickly put him to work...hehehe
    I do believe is has a lot to do with the "nesting" phase I am going #3 in 9 weeks, we were overdue for some organization!


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