September 29, 2011

project dollhouse

Yes I have another project. I'm a little nervous about taking this one on but I've gotta. When I heard Emily had put together a dollhouse challenge I new right away it was my motivation. What I need to give me the push into opening the dollhouse box we've had for 9 months and start getting it together. It probably will not be the fanciest thing ever but I am hoping that a certain 6 year old I know will really love it under the Christmas tree. How I'm going to hide it while under construction is another story. 

I really have got to get on it though. Who knows how long it will take to build and paint it. Let alone find all the tiny stuff to decorate it. I'm not going to worry about being awesome but worry only about getting it done. Don't say I don't have goals! I will keep you updated on our little Buttercup Cottage.

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