September 9, 2011

remorse at home depot

Yesterday may or may not have been a rough day. Doctor appointment with three kids in tow is never easy. Especially after having to drag my kiddos out of bed at 6:25 to take Dad to work. But we got it done. And I rewarded them afterwards too. Which was another adventure.

So by 6 pm I was feeling a little disillusioned with my current status and bought some supplies at home depot. We were there for some yard supplies and I thought I should get a few project supplies. Instant buyers remorse, well not instant because I was checking out with all those cute kids of mine, but it was close. So since we were driving around town I figured I would just return to the next home depot we passed. And so we did.

Do you ever do that? Instant buyers remorse. I know I don't often. But it's happened before for sure. 

We did have fun in the orange car carts though. Except when some baby hitting was involved.

So today the only thing I will be fixing up is this

over and over and over again
shockingly no buyers remorse there! Today is going to rock.

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