September 20, 2011

tween room

A friend asked how to decorate a tween room around this bedding.

Here's what I would do!

First off I would buy this desk and pair it with this chair. And I would put it on one side of the bed in place of a nightstand and use the existing white nightstand on the other side. The desk will be perfect for homework and the purple chair will be our color inspiration.

The long dresser already purchased from CL will go the light aqua from the chair.

Add a headboard cut out of MDF cut in a shape similar to this and paint it black. 

Add a green pillow or two.

With plywood and some batting make a large bulletin board using this sheet set that is on sale for the fabric. Either color will do. And hang that over the dresser.

Or we could cover it with this lovely fabric if you prefer.

On either side of the bulletin I would put these lamps. Maybe with the shades dyed black.
Because a}they are fabulous 2} we already have them and d} every one loves some tween bling. 
{10 points to the first person who can name the movie!}

I would paint the walls a light springy green color{not too pastel} or a super light purple gray. Add some diy art, maybe along with some etsy art. That revamped garage sale mirror over the bed. A few accessories and bam a room to grow until she graduates! With a few pieces worthy to take along with her. 

Hope you like it!

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