October 19, 2011

just beachy

I have a lot on my little plate today. Including a big decision. It's a happy day though so all is well. If all goes to plan I can take back nap time and do projects around the house instead of laundry and cleaning...we'll see how it goes. 

Earlier I sat myself down on the couch to evaluate why I haven't finished my front room even though I have everything I need to do so. And I think I concluded that I am a little nervous that my room is going to look too beachy when I'm done. Since the blue gray we painted turned out way more blue than I wanted it starts off with an immediate beach vibe I think. Not really the look I'm going for...not that there's anything wrong with it. I like a touch of the beach in any room. But add navy lamps, white and beige curtains, white side tables and of course that beautiful beach painting over the mirrored console and we've got a shabby chic beach my friends. Hopefully after pillows, accessories and no distressed furniture in sight it will all be a forgotten worry.

I've been looking for images to reassure me this can easily be done.


This Caitlin Creer room has given me the most hope.

{Tobi Fairly via pinterest}


I think all these rooms are right on the edge of going to the beach but none of them instantly read beach. I think that is due to styling and the furniture finishes. But they all are still light, airy and beautiful.

So all in all I think I can hop off the couch and get to it. I want it to be done soon! Wish me luck today as I try to take back the nap!

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