November 11, 2011

be inspired

This week was a great week for me. Very productive with plans for clients and I'm pretty sure I solved a design dilemma, at least in my head anyway. My notebook was filled with many ideas and floorplans. I am excited for the next few weeks as well. We will have a mad dash to finish an install {actually 3!}, wrap up that dollhouse and I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas. I am trying to be patient. Although our annual naughty and nice sticker charts are in full swing. 

This week I was also completely inspired by things I saw.
We've been thinking of built in bookcases for our loft and this one had me at hello
{traditional home}

This room endlessly inspired me along with the whole new blog by Noelle Wright.

And last night's LGN tufting tutorial blew my mind! Seriously...Jenny is amazing! I'm glad that I haven't attempted to redo my headboard yet. I was way too intimidated until now.

{My six year old daughter just walked in and started talking to me about her school newspaper, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw this picture and said "that's a beautiful bed I should have! Can I have it someday Mama?" A girl after my own heart. She also commented on the vase of flowers.}

This week I've also been inspired by maps, paper as artwork and cooking pioneer woman style.

Also, Happy Veteran's Day! And make a wish this 11/11/11. I did!

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