December 29, 2011

santa found us

We've been in a bit of a Christmas moon over here. Here are a few peeks into the Wallace Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we came home from my grandparents house and opened our Christmas P.J.J.'s {our affectionate term} This is the best picture I could get of all three of them!

Luckily my two posers showed me the love.

 Christmas morning I woke up early to make our traditional apple cider spice doughnuts. Mmmmm. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to snap a few pictures before anyone else woke up. Somehow I ended up wrapping all the presents from us, both sets of grandparents, a few aunts and uncles and I even helped Santa out.

 The stockings were hung by the mirrored entry table with care.

My little girl asked for and got make up from Grandma and Grandad. She love, love, loves it.

 This boy opened his first present and was good. We had to coax him into opening the rest. The bigger kids helped him out too. Once he got to his Santa gift he was even more happy.

It was a lovely morning. Finished off with church. Then Christmas pasta and It's a Wonderful Life {for the 9th time this year} finished off the wonderful day.

Since then, I've been trying to get us organized and ready for the new year. And prepping my resolutions. I LOVE New Years resolutions. Stay tuned!

And by some miracle a good picture was snapped of our family Christmas Eve! Yay!


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