February 7, 2012

almost a plan

It's becoming clear that our office/guest room is going to have a queen bed in it. Kind of my last choice but the most practical option. Someday soon our mattress will travel downstairs. I'm really glad that I know the official plan now. I may or may not be wasting a little time daydreaming about built in daybeds with trundles and shelving. Now I can get into the real planning stage. I've picked out the desk I want and now I need to find the perfect file cabinet to go underneath it. And this room is ready to go, you know in my mind! But this bad boy is happening this Spring, my card table desk has seen his last days weeks.

I found the perfect little file cabinet on craigslist a while back but I was too late. It was similar to Jenny's.

Pretty perfect, but not meant to be. What I'd love to find is a cabinet with a few drawers on top and a file on the bottom. Any tips?

I have also given a lot of thought to wallpapering a file cabinet. Which I still think would be awesome. I guess it all hangs on what kind of deal I find.

I'm glad we are getting closer, I've been super anxious to start this room.

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