February 20, 2012

mama daughter date

Last night I had a late night with my girl. We had a slumber party in her room. Complete with the best go fish game ever. Seriously I love it!
Followed by Candyland, nail painting, singing, reading and finally a little Tangled on the iPad snuggled in her bed. Then we both fell asleep. It was such a sweet moment to share with her. And it is quite the tradition in the making. I got to hear new things about school. She told me something very sad {it was about a favorite cartoon} and she painted my nails in a pattern. It was such a simple thing but I'm hoping it will be something she will want to do for a years to come and make her comfortable to talk to me in those dreaded teenage years.

Not exactly about home decor but definitely about home. I for one am thankful for days off school and a little extra time with the kiddos. 

I'd love to know little traditions or activities you do with your family for your quality time!


  1. That sounds like a fun time. My kids are older but my youngest and I have a pizza date every Friday night!

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    1. I usually bake on the weekends and have my daughter hold the hand mixer while I prepare the batter. She loves doing that. We occasionally play bingo games as a family, and put together large floor puzzles.


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