March 15, 2012


I love a good nook. I think they add so much character to a home. And since my house doesn't have a lot of natural character I obsess about creating a nook in the dining area and built in shelving in the name a few. 

I have a full plan to make a dining nook happen one day. Too bad a full budget and a full plan don't instantly align. But, as you can see I just can't get them out of my head.

Someday little dining nook, someday.


  1. I love a good nook too! I have some serious bay window envy ...

    I'm going to try and create a "nookish" space in my master bedroom redo ...



  2. Such a good use of space. Our benches and kitchen "nook" is the only way we manage to fit our families in our 1960's sized kitchen

  3. Love this post! I dream of having a banquette! So love this look.


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