March 27, 2012

seventh wonder

Posting will be on the lighter side this week as I am spring breaking with my kids. I will share a few 30 by 30s with you though. I know what you are thinking....actually that's a lie, I don't. But I am thinking how in the world are you going to do 30 projects if you go out of town. That my friends I have no answer to. But if I play my cards right there will be a few projects helped along and maybe even some at my vacation destination. And in all honesty my hubby has a honey do list while we are gone :)

Without any further ado I give you project 7.

These wreaths are old news but I have always wanted to make a wreath plus I have been trying to make one of these since Christmas time. Back when I couldn't find a styrofoam wreath to save my life. It was easy peasy to wrap the pretty yarn around. And then afterwards I tied the flowers to it with yarn.

I have all the supplies for another wreath of sorts for the front door. And the front door itself is getting a little makeover. But all that will have to wait for my return.


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