April 24, 2012

love it or hate it?

Well everyone loved that navy dresser yesterday! I love it too. It's a lot like one in my boys room. I will snap a picture later today when they are awake. It's one of my favorite colors to paint. And I wanted to do something similar to my side tables in the living room. Unfortunately they came out so much brighter than I had anticipated. I hate when the paint color doesn't match the paper color! There's part of me really likes the side tables. Maybe just not in my living room. Which is why I haven't revealed my living room just yet. I cannot decide if I love them or hate them.

What do you think?

Next time I will purge my magazines and pick up the hot wheels :)

Okay so I love the gloss on it. And I think I do love the color but I had always pictured them navy. Maybe they distract a little from the rest of the room but I don't think in a good way. And let's face it, I don't really want to paint them again. But I'll do it if need be.

I could try distressing them ever so slightly with some stain to darken them up. Or I could mix this paint with black and do one more coat. Or I could leave them as is. I have been calling the color electric peacock. All three options are free. What would you do? Tell me honestly because clearly it won't offend me if you hate them!


  1. First of all, I love the gloss on them!! I love the shape and the doors... the whole table. I think the color is okay....but.... I do think it is a little Boise State Blue... I definitely want to see them a little more navy.... if you need someone to come and paint with you... I would love to! I have a few redo projects that I need to have you come and help navigate and inspire me to conquer.

    1. OH NOOOO!!! They are Boise State blue! I didn't even think of that! They must go!

    2. The only reason they read that way is because of the coral.... I think they are beautiful and could easily work in another room. You are a master painter. I don't know how to get that glossy finish. You must teach. I am redoing my bedroom next and I want to have some gloss in there. HELP Me!!!

    3. I can help anytime! I am getting a second car super soon too! It's great painting weather right now too. We really, really do need to hang out more!

  2. Amber, I don't hate them at all but I understand how it feels to have them pictured one way and then they turn out another way. I like your idea of mixing your current blue with black if you really want to change the color!


  3. I'm thinkin' a little too bright...love the color though.


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