May 3, 2012

domino and an update

I finally got my hands on a copy of the new Domino Magazine.

 I know I'm so far behind! 

I still remember when I got the offer for the free premier issue. And getting every single issue delivered to me. When Domino came in my mailbox every month for all those years it was a simpler time. I still miss it. I'm excited to have it back in a small part. Even though I am hoping for more original content in the fall issue. 

My favorite thing was probably the hula hoop light fixture. Genius!

 What did you think of it?

Oh and....

Remember my 30 by 30? Did you know that I finished? Nope you didn't! I have been feeling so far behind with obligations, other projects and even being sick for a bit that I haven't really updated you. I'm waiting for pictures from other houses and am also behind at taking pictures at my own house. But the updates are coming!

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