May 31, 2012

getting close

A lot of fun is happening at a client's house. We have been slowly working on things but are so close to finishing up. Once we put this huge wall of white and gold frames up in the stairwell things really started to feel real. It is such a pretty wall! Here is a peek of that.

In the meantime, they get the lovely task of filling every frame and finishing up a few silhouettes. It's a big job. Luckily they are troopers, who have been so wonderful about all the projects they've been doing. 

Here is a peek of another corner. Just waiting on another pillow and a few more accessories for this room.

So much fun and so close to a big reveal! I cannot wait!

And in other news

Happy NINE year anniversary to my wonderful husband!! It's been amazing so far.


  1. Congrats on your nine year anniversary! The gallery wall looks great!

  2. Nine years wowza! happy anniversary!! Loving the gallery wall :)

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  3. Oooh happy anniversary. And the wall is looking great!

  4. Can't wait to see the big reveal! Hats off to you and your hubby! Happy Anniversary!


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