May 23, 2012

obsess much? wallpapered ceilings

My sister in law has the most beautiful home on the planet. I love walking through it and catching all the details. Oh the details! I get to go visit this weekend and I'm excited to see all the eye candy again. One of my very favorite things in the home is all the wallpaper. The designer had so much attention to detail! There is a lot of molding and gorgeous wallpaper. Even on the ceiling! I've been dreaming about it ever since Thanksgiving! I will try to snap a shot or two while I'm there :)

Wallpapered ceilings are nothing too new but ever fabulous. And I happen to be learning how to wallpaper this summer when I do this project. So I have been obsessing more and more. But it's hard not to when it just keeps popping up!

I saw it in Lonny

caldell and flake

 Annsley McAleer
Wowza! Love the whole room!!

David Cafiero. LOVE!

Jennifer Dengel

Cafiero Select


I think I love it most with pattern on the ceiling and not the walls. Endless possibilities with this one. Which is your fave?


  1. You are right, worth obsessing over!! Can't wait to see pics!!!

  2. Wow! I thought a few of those were stencils! I agree though, I like it better on the ceilings alone. That Annsley McAleer office is to die for! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your SIL's!

  3. Wow, that bathroom is amazing!


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