June 8, 2012

friday thoughts

I cannot believe this week is already coming to an end! It has been a really good one at our house. I have got to say that the chore charts have been working swimmingly. And I'm pretty sure that it's the smoothest, cleanest week we've had and that is with school out. All I needed to do was go on a weekend organizing rampage and ask my kids for help. Phew! It feels like a giant victory at my house.

I have also been busy reupholstering a chair {it will be awesome by the way}. And making and planning out a bulletin, magnet board, art display and chalkboard for the playroom. Getting some art matted and framed. And dancing around a lot with my kids. All very fulfilling!

In other news, I found this AMAZING new to me food blog, The Fit Cook. I love the simple, healthy recipes. You must visit! Isn't she gorgeous too! And the first two recipes I looked at, I already had all I needed to make them. Score!

For years and years I have wanted a trailer. In fact, I asked my parents to sell our house and buy a motor home when I was little. But lately I have been wanting one just for fun! My husband thinks I'm crazy. But seriously, they rock!

I want one

Did anyone else get a free Dwell magazine in the mail or was it just a random stroke of luck?

And I cannot decide on little horizontal stripes

or little vertical stripes

I cannot decide mostly because it also comes with a very complicated installation. I am a little nervous about it truthfully. What are your thoughts...please!?

And that is what I am thinking about this week! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love this post...full of random goodies! Thanks for sharing about this blog! I am really liking the vertical stripes!

  2. The vertical stripes are elegant the horizontal is fun and laid back but both look amazing

  3. I also got a dwell subscription, fun, fun! I like the horizontal on a smaller window but think I prefer the vertical on a larger window.

  4. Biased because I hung these in my master bedroom.


  5. Be biased please! I love those! Thanks for the opinions!!

  6. I vote for the horizontal stripes! I think they are timeless! I wish I received a dwell magazine for free! Lucky you! :)

  7. I love the stripes in the two different settings. I am partial to the horizontal stripes but bigger (Like the post about painting curtains!!)My opinion should be taken with a grain of salt - I need you to live in my neighborhood and whip my house in to "presentably decorated". I love the trailer! I can only imagine the greatness your trailer could be.

  8. Hi Amber, thanks for stopping by and your comment on my color match post. If you're looking for a close color to citrine in the imperial trellis fabric, I would also suggest, I also wanted to suggest another color to go BM Pale Avocado. It's not an exact match, but it complements well. I painted my DR sideboard this color and I really like how it turned out and it would go well w/citrine. See here:


  9. Checking out The Fit Cook as I type this (thank goodness I can multi-task)! Little horizontal stripes all the way!


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