June 4, 2012

my weekend

What did you do this weekend? I hunkered down and cleaned, organized and did laundry. I practically didn't even leave the house. It was a giant load off my shoulders. And we've even kept it clean so far. Ahhh. Summer break came faster than I thought it would and I wasn't very prepared. But, I am now! 

Chore charts are printed and laminated!
 May got super busy for me with new projects. And if I want to get anything done with all three kids home this weekend had to happen. They are excited to start the charts and earn beans for their jars. I am going to try a new clean routine too. You see every afternoon used to be just me and my sweet little two year old, who takes a lovely three hour nap. That was good time for me to do projects, catch up and clean. Last week I tried to give the older two quiet time. It....did not work.

So now I can breathe again and I am really looking forward to this week with the kids. After our morning chores are done we will get busy. We will ride our bikes to the park probably daily. Go to the library. And hopefully crash someone's pool a time or two. And hopefully I can get a few things done in our spare time. I'm sure it won't be perfect but I know it will go smoother than last week now that I am more prepared. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow busy busy! There really is nothing like a freshly cleaned house. Those chore charts are adorable!

  2. You were a busy woman!! holy cow those chore charts are so cute. I've never seen them before!! We cleaned too, and finished up this table project I've been dragging out foreevveerrr!


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