July 12, 2012

my new best friend

Nothing like patience, Craigslist and 30 dollars to finally get the perfect mirror! I am thrilled with my latest score.

I have company coming at the end of the month and my downstairs bath is going to be tricked out!
Here's another little clue until I get it all done. 

Hopefully husband will be as happy as I am. He isn't wild about the color so far! Come on it's super manly. He'll see :)


  1. Amazing CL score! I am jealous to say the least, still looking for a great mirror for above the dresser. Looks like you have something pretty great in the works for you powder bath.

  2. What a score! I'm excited to see your guest bathroom!!

  3. Green is manly! Haha I had to convince my boy of peacock blue. He likes it now. Emerald & Gold is my obsession. I can't wait to see the finished product.


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