August 15, 2012

i see a white door and i want to paint it black

I have had a thing for black interior doors for quite a while now. I first fell for them when I saw Nate's New York apartment and all the doors and cabinets were painted the coolest blue black gloss.

{Photos: William Waldron for O at Home, Spring 2007}

Still one of my favorite spaces of all time. I totally only watched Oprah when Nate was on....and for those favorite things too :) I will never forget sitting in my little LA apartment and swooning over this apartment. Too bad I didn't have DVR in 2007.

Here's a little video for you if you've never seen it.

Husband does not agree about the black door situation. He did say, "Why don't we paint all the doors a different color." Because that would look better honey. Hopefully I will wear him down over time. Or maybe after school starts and he is at work I will get my paint on and see what happens. But you see, I like to give my husband a say on design things. Mostly because he pretty much lets me do what I want in the end. And he also is very supportive of my design endeavors and craigslist addiction.

Maybe I can entice him with images like these.


Not a new trend at all but it is classic and timeless. I think it could really rock my house's world.
Wish me luck!


  1. Ohhhh me likey! I am a bit Nate fan myself. Love anything lacquered!

  2. I wasn’t sure how I felt about black doors until seeing these beauties! You’ve certainly enticed me, let’s hope your husband comes around!

  3. I love this look. I was wanting to do somethng like this in my office!

  4. Good luck! I agree; it's timeless and classy!

  5. I love it! Black doors are so classy. Good luck convincing your husband!


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