September 13, 2012

how amber got her groove back

If you haven't noticed I have been in a bit of a funk for a while. Life has been coming at me faster than hours in the day. I feel like I might be on the cusp of handling it though. Whew! Nothing terrible is happening. Just a lot of changes and new schedules. And sure a few ups and downs thrown in there too. 

I haven't touched a project for my own house in a while. I have been thinking about it. Last night after the kids were all in bed I went on a deep clean rampage in my kitchen and ended up rearranging a little corner of the kitchen.

It's not perfectly styled but sometimes all you need is a little change. Isn't the bowl amazing though!? So today I am accessorizing around my house in hopes of some paint being opened and some pillows being sewn soon. Thanks to those of you sticking out the last 6 weeks or so :)

Slowly but surely getting my groove back!

1 comment:

  1. I love that owl! It's so cute! Good luck getting back in the swing of things, change is always tough.


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