September 4, 2012

shout out

My hubby just got a big promotion and to celebrate we went to Utah for a quick labor day visit. And luckily I was finally able to finishing installing a few things in that playroom. So it is almost finished up now. Just waiting on the pretty settee to come. 

One of the projects was to get those big framed boards on the walls. What do you do when one side of the room has walls 8 inches shorter than the other side and the frame is a half inch too big? You go to Home Depot!

This guy was super duper helpful and nice! Turns out the frame wouldn't feed through the machine so he took us back to the tool rentals to borrow the table saw and cut a half inch off the bottom of two frames. I could've kissed him! You gotta love good customer service!


  1. You're right. Most people don't know that the guys at Home Depot will cut lumber and tile down for you - so helpful for those of us who are power tools challanged!

  2. That's awesome! I always forget that Home Depot can cut things like frames and such!!

  3. That's wonderful about the promotion!!! Excited to see pictures of the playroom once you have all the pieces in place.


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