September 18, 2012

tiny love

Once upon a time, I lived in a teeny tiny, overpriced apartment in LA with my husband and 2 kids. All I wanted was a little home of my own. And somehow I had convinced myself that we should buy land and put a tiny house on it until we could afford to build a real house. It was a good idea in theory. This little house could serve as a guest house on our property someday. 

This could have been our floor plan.

Totally doable right!? It was a good idea in theory. At the time, tumbleweed made all the homes and shipped them to you for $2 a mile. Now it looks like they sell more home plans than houses. I was trying to say how this wouldn't have worked for my little family...but part of me is still bummed we didn't do it. My husband couldn't be convinced and was also worried about earthquake safety. Always a thinker that one. 

Today more than ever I wish I could have made this tiny house our own. Because this picture makes tiny houses look like a million bucks.

There is definately something to be said for simple living. Which I am learning more and more as I am reorganizing all my storage upstairs. I still love this idea but man am I grateful for my home and the chance to host a party or two inside of it. We could have had the biggest yard in California with that tiny house on it though :)

1 comment:

  1. This is super sweet! I am been trying to saver the simple life lately too! You probably would have been the queen of organization in your tiny little home. :)
    But then again, hosting parties is fun too!


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