October 31, 2012

husband thoughts

Do you have a design opinionated significant other? My husband used to be a lot more vocal but, now he trusts me to do pretty much do what I want as long as it sticks to the budget. But every once in a while he has a comment or strong opposition to something I'm doing. 

Last night I was sitting with the iPad in bed perusing Ruthie Summers images {like you've never done it}and he comes to bed and leans on my shoulder. This image was up.

Town and Country

And he says "That looks like a bad haircut with bangs." Nice. But now that's what I will think whenever I see this picture. It's funny what he thinks up when he does have an opinion.

Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. We shockingly have not had a party until tonight so the kids will only get to wear their costumes once. We better make it good!


  1. Hahaha somehow I just knew you were going to say he said it looks like some type of hair style!

  2. bahaha bad haircut with bangs, i love hearing guy's opinions of style or decorating sometimes the opinions my husband have make me bust out laughing

  3. Great post Amber! I have a very opinionated significant other. While it frustrates me at times, I love that we are developing a house that reflects both of us (although it's definitely not what I would have done if left to my own devices!).


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