October 1, 2012

MMB: frugal and fabulous craft room

They're baaaaaack! Monday Mood Board! Goodness it's been a long time! And it feels good to back in the swing of things. It only took me until October to be in school mode :)

Today's mood board is for an office slash craft room slash playroom. And it is especially fun because it is using things the family already has and adding fabric and a few accessories to pull it all together. The furniture is already in the room thanks to bringing two ikea expedits from other rooms and a free metal side of the road score. Yes!

This client means business so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the after a few days after the fabric comes :)

Happy October everybody!

If you are interested in a mood board email me at notedhome@gmail.com for rates.


  1. That's a hard-working room. Nice that it manages to be beautiful too!


  2. We must be in the same color combo love.... I just bought a leather jacket in the mustard that I have been dawning with a teal and wood chunky necklace... favorite fall outfit. Needless to say... I love this mood board. Good work sista!!


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