November 28, 2012

someting strange

Something strange happened last night. I should have been expecting it but I wasn't. I had just finished putting the Christmas decorations up and was leaving my living room. I turned around and immediately wanted to redecorate the one room in my home that is pretty much finished......uh oh.

Suddenly I wanted to trade out all the color for a completely neutral palette. Maybe it was all the Christmas chaos in the room. Maybe it was a fluke. But there is a big part of me who wants to trade out my coral pillows for Keri Russell's brownstone.


We'll see what comes of it. Definitely can't do anything until after the holidays. In the meantime maybe I will decorate some of the other rooms in my house.


  1. I literally just did the same thing! All about monochromatic right now!

  2. I get the same thing. I say wait it out until Christmas is over and then see how you feel. Although after seeing this brownstone again, I am dreaming of a new white sofa… uh oh!

  3. I have done that before many times. My husband never knows if he is coming home to the same look......


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