May 20, 2011

desired designer

Tell me you know who Sarah Richardson is. If you don't you should be ashamed of yourself! She is a genius, through and through. I wish we aired her shows at the same time Canada does. Sheesh. But, we are finally getting Sarah's Summer House. I wish we could watch Sarah 101 because it looks amazing...maybe next year. 
Well, before you think I'm a stalker {I'm not I swear!} let me show you why she is so great:
I want to live in this dining room forever, I could totally sleep there.

I love her attention to detail and her timeless style. Watch her on Saturdays with me please!

{and in other news...I have borrowed a camera and will be posting a project and some corners of my home next week. rip to my old camera if it was run over OR shame on you to whoever found it and didn't turn it in.}

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