May 19, 2011

sleeper sofas

I have been thinking about our office slash guest room a lot lately. The floor plan is all drawn out and I know exactly what it needs. I wish that meant I could buy everything I needed and install it this weekend! The design calls for a sleeper sofa. This way it can be the guest room we need it to be but still be a place that will function day to day. I have been looking for sleepers for fun {yes fun!} and it's amazing how terribly ugly or terribly expensive they are! Plus, I need them to be less than 81 inches long to fit on the right wall.

Here are a some contenders:

{my fave!!! a little impractical!- source}

{looks a little funky but very nice in person. RCWilley}

When you look around there are actually some great options. Especially when you can go a little longer than I can. I hate to think that whatever I find will most likely be more expensive than my sofa, love seat and sectional combined...maybe we need some more searching. I will be on the lookout for floor models, sales and damaged goods!

I would look to craiglist but due to asthma in our home I don't like to buy used upholstery. Maybe it would be cheaper to have it reupholstered? But that is doubtful. I will share with you what happens along the way!

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