May 31, 2011

stairwell art

I've always loved a pretty art collection in the stairwell. Now that I have stairs in my home I have no idea how to handle them. I thought I would put two message boards there for my children's art, I would love family pictures the whole way up and I would also love a mix of old and new photographs and paintings that have meaning to us.

The problem is....I need  our home to function for our family. My dad is handicapped and he can get upstairs, but it isn't without effort. He uses the railing on one side and the wall on the other. I would hate to put more obstacles in his way. It wouldn't be a big deal except our television is upstairs in the loft. Plus, he enjoys helping with little home improvement projects up there.


{metropolitan home}

We can leave it blank or hang the artwork higher. I may have to spy extra close when he goes up next. BTW my stairs are not this fancy. Maybe someday.

Any advice?

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