June 30, 2011

because i said so

I'm finishing up a few painting projects for my girl's room before my kids wake up this morning. Yesterday they all slept until 9! Cross your fingers! Did you know that here in Boise it doesn't get dark until 10 in the summertime? It's nutty! This makes my kids think they can stay up and play the whole time it stays light. At least they stay in their beds for the most part. My brainiac just reads her books, which makes me feel better. Tomorrow I will post some after pictures of some furniture and then Tuesday I will have the whole room for you! 

In the meantime, a question. Have you ever watched a movie and not really love it, but want to see it again? I find myself watching movies for the set design more and more. {a tidbit: I also like to watch friends episodes of Monica cleaning while I organize a closet or something, just to help get me in the mood.} Case in point "Because I Said So" It's not a great movie, it can even be annoying. The characters are a little hard to connect to sometimes, without many redeeming qualities. It's not a terrible movie either. I love films set in LA that aren't about violence and drugs. So already it scored some points with me. I loved living there and it really has so much beauty. And I loved the quirky designs of all these spaces.

Easily my favorite room, Milly's living room. Love it. Someday I will own a chesterfield!

 I couldn't handle all this open shelving but I like looking at it. I couldn't find a picture of the old lockers and that part was my favorite. Look in the photo of the living room and you'll see them in the back right.

 Here I just love how the books are arranged on the shelf.

And don't get me wrong, Mandy Moore is adorable in this movie. I also want to rock this polka dot dress someday. 
We'll have to do this again! There are so many good sets! Any favorite movie set of yours?

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