June 29, 2011

storage solutions from pinterest

I've always loved a good storage solution. Lately I have been surprised to find how fast this larger place can fill up coming to my little apartment. I thought it would take years to fill. Not so! But the good thing is that I do not have to play tetris everyday trying to find a place for everything. We are lucky to have great storage, especially upstairs but there are some upgrades I would like to make. Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest.

This is a great idea. Hanging planters on the wall for kid's toys.

So simple! But I never would have thought of this. Storing spray bottles on a tension rod.

I would love to do something similar to this. We definitely need to add a counter in our laundry room. I think I might be able to add a little laundry folding station while {and when} I'm at it. 

This one is by far my favorite. We NEED to do this. Again so simple! And it is going to take priority. We take great pride in having a garage! Since it's our first one and all. Our car has actually not spent one night outside since our arrival. Even when we didn't have an opener yet. For a month we opened and closed it manually and locked it. It was on the verge of obsessive but we were just so happy to have our new garage. Anyway, this weekend it's due for another cleaning and I wonder if we might have time to add this to the to do list.

Have you found any great storage solutions I should know about?

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