June 6, 2011

cutting corners

It almost always drives me crazy when I see kitchen knobs in the very bottom corner of cabinetry. I've never really known why this is but I have very strong feelings about it. And I see it done all the time.

There are exceptions to this rule of course. Sometimes they do not bother me at all and one day I will come across some crazy corner knobs that I love. But, I say move them away from the corner! Even an inch or two will change your life.

{traditional home}

Ahhh much better.


  1. LOL! I love this post! Just stumbled here from Bryn Alexandra's blog. I am in the middle of hanging cabinets (well painting old ones) and they currently do not have any hardware. I never thought to add any, because the idea sort of bothered me. Well after reading this, I think the expected placement is what really bothered me. THANK YOU for the light bulb flash that just went off in my head!

  2. So happy to help! I'm glad it's not just me and some weird quirk I have!


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