June 3, 2011

Is there a Home Fabrics in your town? I'm in love with this store! My home is filled with curtains made from from their fabrics. Plus, I have yards and yards waiting to be pillows or other projects.

{living room and back sliding door curtains}

Clearly I need to take a photography class. But my borrowed camera is lacking a few built in skills and I am lacking the rest! Don't let my beautiful pictures fool you it's the place to be. Even Jenny shops there. She got all the fabric for her parent's bedroom there last summer. And even though I shopped here before reading her post...if it's good enough for Jenny it's good enough for me.

It looks like you can purchase online now. Although I highly recommend going in store. Plus, they have the best sales in the world. In need of a fabric fix? GO!

{Clearly I am not fancy enough to have this post sponsored by Home Fabrics. I really do just love them!}

1 comment:

  1. I love your curtains! Thanks for sharing this gem of a store with us I must go.


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