June 14, 2011


On Saturday I hit up the local Gatherings sale with my friends Cheryl and Erika. It was held at a home that used to be an old school house. Why didn't I take pictures of the house!? It may have been the coolest thing I've ever seen. The sale only happens a few times a year. I had never been but really enjoyed it.

 This bench reeeaallly wanted to come home with me but it was more than those Anthropology chairs. But lovely!

 This was huge!

Loved this piece!

 All in all I really loved this sale. I liked that most things were actually old. There are some things I definitely want to come back for the next sale that I almost got. Hopefully they will be back with the next sale. I ended up coming home with a small mirrored tray for $5 and an A typewriter key for $3. Cheryl also got an amazing sconce for $7.50. Not bad for a Saturday morning with no kids in tow!

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