June 13, 2011

wide open spaces

This is my big, empty loft. I love this room. It about as big as our entire last apartment! Well maybe not but it feels like it. It's kind of at a stand still currently. Remember this post? Hopefully it will look like that someday. Since all our extra funds are currently working in the backyard this is how she will sit for the time being.

{caution-iffy unedited photos}

She's big, bad and builder grade. But let's see where the time takes her! I do have a few pictures to hang in the meantime. The rooms of my home will definitely be done in real time. But, I figured I would start showing you more along the way!

To do:
-some new furniture
-incorporate kids

I will let you know when things get moving up here!


  1. AMBER!! I have this same couch - we love it!! I've decorated mine with aquamarine & brown striped velvet pillows. So comfy! I love your blog - AMAZING! Hopefully I'll get mine back up & running soon. I've been working on a few. We should get together soon.

  2. Thanks Marisa! We definitely need to get together. Maybe we can bbq or something!? We miss the ward a lot!

  3. What a fun space! Can't wait to see what you do with it :)


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