June 28, 2011

master of the house

Decisions are being made over at a clients home. We are doing five rooms and three little spaces. Sofas have been purchased and fabric is getting ordered today. She would like to have the master bedroom completed first. It's on the smaller side so it cannot hold much. I gave them three options and they are so excited to go with this plan.

It was my favorite as well. Since we are doing so many rooms we are trying to make the budget stretch as much as possible in the bedroom. Luckily she has a handy husband with a lot of tools that will come in to play. Hopefully this room can move quickly while we are waiting for furniture to arrive for other rooms. 

Since she's paying me for the plan I cannot share all the details. But, I will share this simple, classic chair with you. I'm loving it and the price is great. It can even come in other colors but this one is my favorite. Find it here.


  1. I hope you'll keep us updated.

    BTW, I tried to follow but was unable to connect.

  2. Thanks Karen, I will try to figure that out!?

  3. The fabrics and colors are lovely! Can't wait for the next update!


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