July 13, 2011

figuring out a plan

Have you ever tried figuring out a floor plan for a tricky room? I am at a standstill with a clients living room. Super narrow with cable on the long wall and a fireplace on another. I'm pretty sure the room is too narrow to float the sofa but, that is what would look best in a perfect world. 

This post from Emily A Clark really inspired me. I need to remeasure and get back to the drawing board! Her room is very similar to Emily's but narrower for sure.
I also love looking back to how Jenny arranges her home in New York.

It's a good thing I love doodling floor plans in my notebook. You do that too, right? It's a favorite past time of mine. Probably because I cannot just sit still and watch a movie. Gotta move something! One of these doodles will end up being the absolute perfect one. Hopefully it comes to me sooner than later!
Right now we are focusing on the perfect rug to ground the space. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link. Good luck w/ the floor plan :)


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