August 19, 2011

getting back to school

It's hard for me to imagine that I started this little blog in May and now the summer is almost over and school starts in 11 days {for us} I know it sounds terrible but I am looking forward to having it start. More for the structure than anything. My daughter thrives on school, loves it! And my son's preschool has done wonders for him. And I know that I can have a little extra prep time to have our time together a bit more memorable. I wish we could keep the Kindergarten schedule forever though. I think I will miss that a bunch.

I also am looking forward to fall. I love fall! I also feel like I cook so much better when the weather is cooler. I make homemade soup 2-3 times a week from September to May. I cannot wait! Plus, I think I dress better in the fall too. Maybe next summer I will rock a slimmer figure and be sad to see summer go. But I will still want soup and sweaters for sure.

In this last week of fun and business I have quite a bit to get ready for. Somethings have already been crossed out. Here are some things I need to do/plan

-we must get snow cones. Why haven't we yet!?
-finish buying last few school supply items
-organize a homework plan and station that for sure needs one or two of these from Ballard Designs

-get 2-3 stools for super high counter in kitchen. 

 {so lovely via decorpad}

-get ready for the new school year celebration feast ala NieNie

{ A little bit of trivia...that day was my first ever to read her blog. Just four days before the accident. I had spent those four days reading every last post because I was hooked and inspired. I went on her site to read the last few months I had left, only to read about her crash. }

Last year was our first annual. We will probably have a beautiful spaghetti dinner. Because that is what my kids ask for on special occasions. But don't worry, I might make the best spaghetti you've ever had. Come over for dinner and I will show you!

And finally
-get the darn laundry under control!!!! Laundry is my Everest!

Anything else I should add to the list to soak up this last bit of time with the kiddos?

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  1. we were supposed to make popsicles this summer but still haven't got around too it...the other thing i never seem to get around to? laundry. she is my everest as well.


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