August 18, 2011

introducing proudly presents

As I put the clean towels away in the kids bathroom I thought I better take a quick picture while the towels were still there. I swear they never make it more than 24 hours in that bathroom. I realize this is why people have three towel sets or so to replace them as needed. However I am not one of those people. So as my daughter would say "Introducing, proudly presents"....the kids bath.

I really wanted it to be bright and fun but I didn't want it to scream kids bathroom. I like where it's headed for sure. I'm over the moon with my $8 ikat shower curtain from target. And I like the mat. The hand towel is another fun print too. No picture though. I definitely should become the type of person to buy multiple matching hand towels if nothing else. Maybe someday.
Other than that it's pretty basic builder. I want to get some artwork in there asap. 

This art print would be lots of fun

Pretty sure this is a must. I LOVE it and it's educational!

We love You Are My Sunshine around here

I'm also not above hanging plates in a bathroom. Maybe in a shadowbox even.

I would also like to try to find a mirror to layer over the existing one. And those green towels are pretty cheap so I think it might be time to get some big fluffy white towels for the rack. And most importantly we have got to improve the little boy's aim. Let's face it this bathroom just needs to stay clean and I'm a happy girl!
Just some finishing touches. Until one day when we gut it and go to town on all kinds of pretty fixtures. But if that never happens I will still be happy with my home and my bright, happy kid's bathroom.


  1. Very nice. I like the color palette you selected. I agree, I don't like kids bathrooms to be scream disney princesses and race cars...but to still have a playful warm appearance.

  2. so much fun! i love the ikat shower curtain and the whole color combo. i'm hoping to re-do my kids' bathroom as well. my daughter wants Hello Kitty of course. I'm thinking, no!

  3. Great ideas, Amber! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)


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