August 26, 2011

under my stairs

Under the stairs at my house is a world This storage is for that semi secret project I've mentioned before.We are getting close to the install. Which is great because this stuff has been under my stairs since March. I definitely have some projects in here to do still and a lot of painting. Plus, a really fun chandelier project that I text myself right before I fell asleep a few nights ago. Hope that bad boy works out!

This project is nearly a year in the making because of an even bigger project that is not mine. A project that is  gonna be sweet. But, back to my secret project. Here's a little sneak peek of things to come. Almost everything in here will be getting a facelift of some kind. I'm going to start getting all the little details going next week and show you some projects along the way.

I'm also excited to wrap up this project so I can turn this closet into a fun little retreat for the kiddos. Mostly because that is all I ever wanted when I was little. No major plans yet. But off the top of my head I'm thinking some curtains, lights {there are none in there currently},some pillows and definitely some of these


It will be like their own closet to Narnia after they pass through the coats!

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