September 6, 2011

add it to the list

My to do list is a mile long these days and last week I was beyond overwhelmed. Maybe because last week was crazy and a half. I'm feeling a little more together as this second week of school is starting. So hopefully this week I can get to that to do list and spice a few things up around here that have been waiting oh so patiently. 
First up, I need to paint my side tables and change out the red lamps. They are just a little too much. The side tables will be white and the lamps will be something I have laying around I'm sure. I think I have a dark blue that will be just perfect.
And after that is done I need to get to my new curtains. They are going to change the entire room and I cannot wait!
And after that I definitely need to sew up some pillows asap. Seriously what is taking me so long with that! I have the ugly pillows that came with the couch turned over so you cannot see the lame print on them. They really just need to be in the trash! I need to be a pillow making fool for the whole house really. Let's see how I much I can do during nap time. 

This week I think I can only commit to the lamps and side tables. And the laundry. I cannot lose focus on keeping this house clean. Which tends to get out of control when I start too many projects at once. So I am going to take it slow and keep things tidy as ever. Then I can let the projects roll one after the other.

How bad do you want to go out and buy up all the oil based paint you can after reading Jenny's post yesterday? Or is it just me? Add that to the to do list!

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