September 2, 2011

desired designer-ruthie sommers

Ever since the premier issue of Domino {still not over it} landed in my mailbox I have been a little obsessed with Ruthie Sommers. And her sofa!

I even tried stalking her a little while her store Chapman Radcliff was still open in LA. Well not really stalking, but I went to it and fell even more in love with her style.

 When I first discovered blogs I soon found this post. Ruthie's furniture transformations are truly inspired and timeless. After reading this post you better believe I drove around LA and hit up Hotel Liquidators and other places I new might have similar jewels waiting to be found. I do really miss all those fun places to go in LA. I guess the bright side is now I still find things in Boise but now I don't have to drive in that traffic. There is a silver lining to everything right?

Did you see her beautiful home in Lonny? Amazing!

I'll never stop loving you Ruthie!

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