September 14, 2011

mr. craig

There are days when I am very proud of myself because I simply didn't on Craigslist. But I always feel like I am missing out on something great. Sure CL can be hit and miss but I think there are great treasures to be found wherever you live. When people ask me where I bought something I usually say "When in doubt I got it from Craigslist." I really believe in buying a quality piece of used furniture instead of a cheaply made new piece. This route requires a little more time and patience. I have plenty of time. Patience comes and goes though.

Check out this beauty with a little love{and some tenderness...couldn't resist some Hootie} this baby would be a amazing. I would almost consider it if my hubby wouldn't think I was crazy. I would stain it dark or paint it a blue black and put some modern white chairs around it. Hmmm maybe I should go for it!

I really love this rocking chair too.

You know this faux bamboo is tempting me. I cannot tell if it has a smooth finish or not from the picture but if it does it would be magical.

I have found some of the best stuff on Craigslist. Give it a chance! Some days it will be a hit and most days will probably be a miss. I swear I see these ALL THE TIME on ours. Not exactly my style but some people out there are sure to love them.

Beware though, you could get addicted.

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