October 27, 2011

carving time

Last night was pumpkin night. We had such a good time! We kicked it up a notch by adding pumpkin pie and whip cream. Actually my kids call it whup cream or whupping cream. I don't really want to correct them. My daughter also came home from school telling me about our President, Bronco Bama. Never gonna correct that one because I LOVE it. A little Boise State, a little patriotic. I hope she isn't made fun of one day for her made up words. It's too cute to change too soon.

This was my favorite one. Our Mr. Potato Head Pirate Pumpkin. We like him. If we would have thought it through we would have made one with a zucchini too.

We kept it pretty simple. The kids planned out the one with all the triangles. We got our hands dirty and our bellies full.

You could say it was the perfect evening.

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