October 25, 2011

fall art project

I'm amazed at how little time I seem to have with the kids these school days. And I am trying to worry less about all there is to do after school and worry more about time. It's not always easy. But, with the soccer pizza party looming it's about to get a little easier. On the other hand the days are getting shorter so it's time to find some fun new things to do.

These fall trees are on the list for sure! La Classe Della Maestra Valentina is clearly in another language but it has the sweetest little activities to do. Many of which you can get the general idea just by looking at the pictures. Like this one, q-tip leaves, it's brilliant. And my kids will love it. I really think these would be pretty chic framed and matted and put out as a fall decoration every year. And I love that idea so much that I think it calls for a framed art project for every season.

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