October 10, 2011

diy art

I have a large canvas that I started painted oh I don't know 6 months ago. Started once and have not pulled it out again. The first time did not seem to go well. I really need to take it out again and see what becomes of it. I really want a masterpiece to hang in my dining room. Just another one of the things on my never ending to do list. Last night I saw this picture, which reminded me of my project and which inspired another item added to my list. 

{unknown but found on pinterest}

I love how simple and modern it is. Just the painting with no matting in a brass frame. I don't think this would be very hard to replicate but it would be very fancy. Lately I have been wanting to paint black and white stripes throughout my living room. Shh don't tell the mister. And I think this art would be so nice in there. Those stripes are probably never happening so luckily this art could go almost anywhere!

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