October 12, 2011

i want stripes in my life

Stripes are nothing new. I consider them pretty timeless myself even though they are all the rage these days. I have been contemplating a striped wall in living room for the last few days. I would really love to do a thick black and white stripe in the whole room but I'm not sure it would go with my current furniture. And that isn't changing for a while. I think I could make charcoal work, maybe a lighter gray as well. But my heart really belongs to the black and white.

It's just so classy. I love it!

{NY times via LGN}
Just a touch of it is nice too.

I would almost do this in my master bedroom if not for the fact that it would not be soothing at all. 
I guess the good thing is that stripes can really go anywhere. I'm loving striped furniture these days.


This one we are considering for a client and I am really hoping it's the final choice because I'm obsessed with it. Especially with the pillow that would go on top in this fabric with black piping.
Do you even want to know how jealous I get of her house! The good kind of jealous where I am excited for her...but I want her stuff too. In the meantime for myself, I will probably have to settle for a cute pillow or something. Which I'm pretty content with. The good news about the wall is all you need is standard paint, time and patience...and tape! Something to think about. I know I will.

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  1. love the wall stripes! that is something for me to think about...


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